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DIE EGO is a Metal band from London - UK.
Diego Fardel (Lead Guitar) and Gabe Scapigliati (Vocals and Bass) sowed the seeds for DIE EGO at the start of 2015.
In 2021 band joined forces with Edoardo Mariotti (Drums).
Attacking your senses from the backstreets of London, DIE EGO spits out a fierce blend of contemporary Metal that
draws from everyone from Pantera and Metallica, through to Slipknot and Alice in Chains. The power trio is the perfect
calling for metal fans who enjoy aggressive vocals, heavy intense riffs and groove-infused drums.
In 2018, the metallers released their first demo, Songs For The Insanity, and their energetic live performances started to
gain attention within the metal community. Notable appearances at many hotspots such as O2 Islington and Camden
Rocks Festival soon followed. The three pieces then turned their attention to recording, and in June 2020 released their
debut album, "Culto".
The band remark about the album: "Culto is a raw and powerful demonstration of our essence and spirit. Our mindset
was to produce an honest album that reflects the band's journey and makes a statement of what we are all about."
In 2021 band joined forces with Edoardo Mariotti (Drums)  finding the perfect balance for the current line-up.
The band is currently focusing on live shows,  waiting for the Italian tour in June and the Uk tour in October. 

 '74 Days Staring At The Void', the second album, produced by Martin Furia (producer and guitars - Destruction) was released on the 31th of March and it's  already having a nice success. 


'...The main riff is finger stretchingly wonderous. A fierce uptempo ‘pre-chorus’, and then we’re into a great solo...The main riff is finger stretchingly wonderous. A fierce uptempo ‘pre-chorus’, and then we’re into a great solo...Fast, aggressive and in your face, the breakdown to the slower, repeating second half grows...Six songs and 23 minutes long, but there is lots in there. It’s well thought out, wonderfully recorded and full of little bits of ear candy. Live it will crush.'        

Steve Ritchie, MetalTalk 


'We have good solos, we have rhythmic moments that lead to doom/stoner (very rarely, but they exist as in “I Think Therefore I Hate”. For an album it sounds very short, with only six songs, however it is inevitable that this will lead to more consequential auditions'        

World of Metal 

'...Die Ego don’t drop releases every few months but seriously they are so worth the wait, your soul will be gripped to the point that you just want to lay there and drift off into their music...'      

Banshee Entertainment Webzine

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